Original PhysioThera Posture Corrector™
Original PhysioThera Posture Corrector™
Original PhysioThera Posture Corrector™
Original PhysioThera Posture Corrector™
Original PhysioThera Posture Corrector™
Original PhysioThera Posture Corrector™

Original PhysioThera Posture Corrector™

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  • BACK AND SHOULDERS SUPPORT FOR A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS: Recommended for rounded, slumped shoulders, scoliosis, kyphosis, and osteoporosis.
  • EFFECTIVE POSTURE CORRECTION: The posture brace is effective for everyday posture correction and back and neck pain relief.
  • HIGH QUALITY BREATHABLE MATERIAL: Durable, lightweight, breathable, flexible, moisture-wicking elastic cotton blend fabric that keeps the body cool, dry and comfortable, and provides stability without restricting essential movement.
  • INNOVATIVE FEATURES FOR MAXIMIZED EFFECT: The construction of the fabric and the design of the posture corrector allow to evenly distribute pressure over the entire shoulder and back area. The design of the brace promotes proper posture by pulling the shoulders back and aligning the spine. Removable firm, yet flexible stays ensure additional stable support. Adjustable criss-crossed straps allow to customize fit and support.
  • INSTANT RELIEF, SUPPORT, AND BETTER POSTURE: The posture correction brace maintains the shoulder area in the correct position, relieves back and neck pain and spasms, encourages proper alignment of the spine, and promotes straight, upright posture in a comfortable way.

Long-Term Effects of Forward Head Posture (Bad Posture)

      Over time, forward head posture can put increasing amounts of stress on the neck and other areas of the body. Some long-term effects of forward head posture can include:

  • Muscle imbalances (Pagkahina ng muscle sa leeg). Some muscles in the neck, upper back, shoulders, and chest can become shortened and tight, whereas others can become elongated and weak.
  • Elevated risk for spinal degeneration (Paghina ng buto sa leeg pagtanda). Extra stress on the cervical spine’s discs, facet joints, and vertebrae may increase the risk for or worsen degenerative spine issues, such as cervical degenerative disc disease and cervical osteoarthritis.
  • Reduced mobility (Pagkalimita ng galaw sa leeg dahilan na madalas magkaroon ng Stiff-neck) With increased stiffness in the muscles and/or joints, the neck’s range of motion is decreased.


PhysioThera Posture Corrector™ can be used for multiple purposes. They are recommended by PHYSICAL THERAPIST in the case of injury to the back, shoulders or neck. Sometimes, they are used after an operation for support and healing. Some benefits of posture correctors are listed below:

  • A posture corrector can help reduce pressure on the spine. This way injuries and pain can be prevented.
  • Some people suffer from painful neck and upper back conditions. They can be helped by the use of a back brace for support or a posture support recommended by the doctor.
  • Driving, working for long hours and excessive use of computers in the wrong position can lead to severe posture problems. posture problems can result in stressed muscles and pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. A posture support can be very beneficial if you regularly find yourself in such situations.
  • A posture support is a healthy choice in case of injuries. A back brace for support and other posture braces can help heal and make recovery processes quicker.


            Effective, Breathable, Adjustable and Comfortable Posture Corrector with Upper Back Support for men, women, adults & kids alleviate all types of back pains and offer shoulder support and improves bad body posture. Aside from better posture, it enhances breathing, body alignment and gets rid of back, shoulder, neck and upper back pain. Our clavicle brace is lightweight with durable and breathable high-quality neoprene. Wearing it is so effortless you won't even know it's there, as long as you use a correct posture, helping you stop from slouching or hunching while working.

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